Understanding Photographic Terms

What the heck is an F Stop?

If you’re new to the photography world, some of the terms can seem confusing. All 메이저리그중계 this insider information is not as confusing as it first seems. You just need to learn a few of the basics, and you are on your way to taking better pictures.

Here is a brief explanation of some of those terms, and how they affect your photographs.

Ambient Light: The natural light that is in your scene. This is also sometimes referred to as available light. Most photographers prefer to use ambient light over flash, or artificial light whenever possible. Most pro photographers will tell you that for outdoor work, the best possible light occurs twice a day- an hour before to an hour after sunrise and sunset.

Aperture: The setting on your camera that controls the amount of light that enters through the lens and reaches your camera’s sensor. Think of it like an opening you control on the end of your lens. The aperture is measured in f stops, such as f5.6, f8 or f22. Apertures can be confusing in that the larger the opening, the smaller the f stop number. So in a low light situation you need to let a large amount of light into the...

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