Tivo Advanced Remote Tips, Tricks, And Help

In a previous article I explained some TiVo remote help tricks to further enhance 카지노커뮤니티 your TiVo experience. What I would now like to do is to put forth some more advanced tricks for your remote. I have searched around different sites and forums and have found the following for you to use

Control the Power to Your Sound System

The remote can be programmed to control your sound on your Home Theatre System. The way you can do this is to hold down the TiVo button and the power button like you did when you inputted the TV remote code. You can then enter the remote control code for your sound system and you can now control the 완내스토너먼트 on/off features of the audio system and on some models the volume as well

Add unlisted Channels

TiVo provides a method to add channels without the program listings the TiVo provides. For those times when you switch to local on air programming or need to play your VCR into your DVR system, the ability to add a few channels is very handy. To squeeze in your own channels follow these steps;

Enter a channel number manually. Press Record. While recording, press Record to cancel the recording. Repeat for each channel you want to add. Go...

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